Title: Measuring the relative efficiency of education organizations of country: Data envelopment analysis approach

Author(s): Ghaffari H.,Arab A.

منبع: International Business Management : Volume 10, Issue 15, 2016 , Pages 3099-3107
نمایه شده در: Scopus
نوع مدرک و زبان: Journal Paper English

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The aim of this study was to calculate the efficiency of education organizations of country using DEA and determine efficient and inefficient units and ranking of them and determine performance changes in the years 2007 until 2010. Using the statistics and the values related to the three input variable (Performance credits, student density rate, teacher education level) and two output variables (pass rates and graduation rates) and by Deaos Software and to methods of profit maximization and cost minimization and with two assumptions of constant return to scale and variable return to scale the model has been provided and resolved and then using supper efficiency of units the ranking and in terms of efficiency of highest and lowest unit was determined and using Malmqueist index the efficiency changes during studied years has been also calculated. © Medwell Journals, 2016.

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