Title: Cancer-related fatigue as a major problem in patients with cancer; A systematic review

Author(s): Azadmehr F.,Arabborzu Z.,Farahani Z.B.,ESmaeili R.

منبع: Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research : Volume 8, 2018 , Pages 1-6
نمایه شده در: Scopus

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Introduction: Cancer is a non-communicable disease that has a widespread incidence compared to other non- communicable diseases. Fatigue is an unusual, continuous, and subjective feeling of illness that is related to cancer. In this study, we reviewed the published articles in the field of fatigue due to cancer done in Iran society. Method and materials: In this study, internal databases for Persian articles, including SID, MagIran, IranMedex, and also www.irandoc.ac site for dissertations were reviewed as well as PubMed, ISI web of knowledge and Google Scholar databases were assessed to study English articles by June, 2018 and 12 articles were entered into the study. Results: In this review, 957 individuals were analyzed in the 12 selected articles, 6 articles in Persian and 6 articles in English. Anemia caused by chemotherapy and low quality of life were among the most important factors affecting cancer-related fatigue. There was no steady way to measure the fatigue of cancer. Conclusion: This review indicated that improving the quality of life, massage, laughing, exercise and work-out can be an effective factor in reducing fatigue in patients. © 2018 Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education & Research.
Cancer Fatigue Iran

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