Title: Research findings, limitations, and research orientations in the field of veterans' mental health

Author(s): Ahmadizadeh M.J.,Ahmadi Kh.,Shahi R.,Moradi M.,Habibi M.,Khoshkam M.,Akhavan Rad Sh.

منبع: Journal of Military Medicine : Volume 14, Issue 4, 2013
نمایه شده در: Scopus

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Aims: Different studies have been conducted in field of mental health of veterans have been done. The purpose of the present research was the review of these studies to clarify limitations and developing a research matrix. Methods: The present study has investigated the database of information on research conducted in the field of mental health in veterans including research projects, papers and abstracts presented at seminars and conferences using content analysis and review study. The study population consisted of archival sources that were gathered and classified by using review protocol and analyzed using Marshal and Rasman Model. Results: Results showed that among implemented surveys, 35%, 21%, 17%, 10%, 8%, 4% respectively are about mental disorders, psychological health aspects, family and children, cure and interference, life quality and sacrifices' welfare problems, respectively. To do qualitative review, different surveys' results were classified in the following nine dimensions: quality of life of veterans' and their families, family problems, occupation, social problems, drug abuse, life style, mental disorders, treatment and welfare problems. In general, advantages and diadvantages of previous surveys in last 3 decades have been classified and analyzed that its results have developed the research matrix in the field of veterans' mental health and their family. Conclusion: Results of this study can be used in strategy plan programming and developing rod maps for specialists and officials related to veterans' mental health, to clarify policies for future in aspects such as descriptive - analytic survey of findings, limitation and previous survey directions about mental health of veterans.

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