Oil spill cleanup from sea water by sorbent materials Article
Author(s): Bayat A., Aghamiri S.F., Moheb A., Vakili-Nezhaad G.R.
Chemical Engineering and Technology Volume 28, Issue 12, 2005 , Pages 1525-1528
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Three sorbents were compared in order to determine their potential for oil spill cleanup. Polypropylene nonwoven web, rice hull, and bagasse with two different particle sizes were evaluated in terms of oil sorption capacities and oil recovery efficiencies. Polypropylene can sorb almost 7 to 9 times its weight from different oils. Bagasse, 18 to 45 mesh size, follows polypropylene as the second sorbent in oil spill cleanup. Bagasse, 14 to 18 mesh size, and rice hull have comparable oil sorption capacities, which are lower than those of the two former sorbents. It was found that oil viscosity plays an important role in oil sorption by sorbents. All adsorbents used in this work could remove the oil from the surface of the water preferentially. © 2005 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.
Index Keywords:
Agricultural products Bagasse Hulls (seed coverings) Oil spills Particle size analysis Polypropylenes Seawater Viscosity Oil sorption Polypropylene nonwoven web Rice hull Sorbent materials Sorption adsorption oil oil spill sea water water treatment

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